passion for CYCLING

we love cycling for its ability to make us feel liberated, exhilarated, exhausted, relaxed and transformed - and that's all before lunch.

We want to you to feel the same and we pour our passion for cycling into making every Vuelta a special experience for everyone who takes part. Vueltas are not about competition, they're about personal challenge and fulfilment and about taking whatever you can from every moment in the saddle, at the table and at the bar.

passion for spain

we love spain and believe it's the best place to cycle in europe

In the words of Tour De France winner Carlos Sastre, Spain is ‘a cyclist's paradise from top to toe’. Surprisingly mountainous and stunningly beautiful, all over Spain you'll find awe-inspiring scenery, iconic climbs, off-the-beaten track routes, hidden valleys, lakes and waterfalls and great roads that feel like they’ve been closed just for you. Add to that the Spanish zest for life, friendliness and great hospitality and you really can't go wrong. And then there’s the weather…

the best of the best

Uniquely, we only organise rides in Spain and connected with the local cycling community wherever we go.

We collaborate with the local cycling community to ensure that you experience the very best of Spanish cycling – the best roads, the best climbs, the best café stops, the best hotels and the best food. You’ll ride the locals’ favourite routes and even have the opportunity to go out with a local club on their Sunday morning ride.

From the pros training ground of Girona, to the gastronomic delights of San Sebastián and La Rioja, the picturesque Sa Calobra in Mallorca, Valencia’s explosive Fallas festival or the brutal climb to the Sierra Nevada's highest road in Europe, with Vuelta you can take your pick of the best of Spain.

challenge yourself


Our routes are designed to be challenging, to give you something to train for and to feel great about achieving. But we also want you to get what you want out of your Vuelta, so we offer easier and harder options, allowing everyone to take on longer/shorter routes depending on how they feel. 


Like the Spanish, we work to live; a hard day in the saddle earns the right to reward.

Apres-ride eating and drinking should be worth looking forward to! With Vuelta you’ll enjoy the best café stops, great lunches, fantastic dinners in the best restaurants in every town we visit, great wines and the luxury of the best hotel wherever we go. We help you make the most of every moment of your escape.

Freedom to ride

We do the hard work, giving you all the support you need to make the most of your ride

We know what it takes to deliver a great cycling experience; planning the best routes, briefing the day’s ride, keeping you going with on the road nutrition, being on hand to fix a mechanical fast, picking the best café stops, finding luxury accommodation, getting you a massage when you need it, all to make sure you make the most of your ride. Groups are no bigger than 12; big enough to mean that you'll always have someone to cycle with if you want to, and small enough to mean you'll be well looked after.

In 2019, we're offering 6 vueltas in great locations across spain. please get in touch if you’re interested in joining us.