The Vuelta team is united by a passion for cycling in Spain. The idea for Vuelta came following a charity ride from London to Valencia, organised by Mitch and Ash in 2017. We loved the experience so much that we wanted to help more people to experience the joy of cycling in Spain.

Mitch has lived and cycled all over Spain and is fluent in Spanish, and Mike spends a lot of his time cycling around Girona, where he has a house. We've been joined by James Hope, who lives in Javea, near Alicante and is equally as passionate about the merits of Spanish roads, landscapes, climate and cycling culture. 

Each of us brings his own skillset to the business. James has owned a high-end bike shop in Richmond for 15 years and knows the industry well. Ash is our logistics expert; he's a shareholder in another cycle tours business and regularly leads 3 week long tours across Europe. Mitch knows Spain well, has local cycling contacts around the country and brings the local knowledge and authenticity to our Vueltas.

Together we bring all the knowledge and skills needed to make Vueltas well-planned, well-run and a lot of fun. We hope you'll join us!